Astronomical Research Observatory

30 inch, 32 inch and 24 inch observatories at the Astronomical Research Observatory

50 Inch (1.3m) Astro-Research Robotic Telescope

32 Inch (0.81m) Astro-Research Robotic Telescope

30 Inch (0.76m) Robotic AutoScope

24 Inch (0.61m) Astro-Research on a SB Paramount ME 

Astonomical Research Observatory

From the left, 30 inch, 50 inch, 32 inch, and 24 inch observatory

In 2009 ARO moved their instrumentation to a darker site 12 miles west of the former location near Charleston, IL.  The new location is a 40 acre farm at Westfield, IL with only 3 pole lights visible from the property.  This has enhanced the limiting magnitude of our instrumentation by about 0.9 magnitudes during periods of new moon.  Mike Lockwood measured 21.55 magnitudes per square arc/sec with a Sky Quality Meter and 6.3 magnitude stars have been observed during new moon 45 degrees above the horizon.  In the photo above, the observatories are seen to the far right.  The building on the far right houses a custom designed 24" carbon fiber Astro-Research Optical Tube Assembly on a fully robotic Software Bisque Paramount ME.  The building in the center contains the 32 inch (0.81M) fully robotic Astro-Research telescope.  The small building on the left contains a 30 inch (0.76-m) Auto-Scope.  A 50" observatory has been completed and resides between the 30 inch and 32 inch observatories in the above photo.  All telescopes are operated remotely in a control room on the lower level of the house located on the property. 

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